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March 20 2018 0Comment

Announcing our collaboration with Doka

We are very happy to announce that Scaffolding Solutions, the largest scaffolding company in Cyprus, is expanding its range of services and products and has begun its collaboration with Doka, the largest international producer and supplier of Formwork products used in all fields of the construction sector since 1958.

March 08 2018 0Comment

ISHCCO 2018 General Assembly

CYACE (Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers – ΣΠΟΛΜΗΚ) will host this year’s General Assembly, which will take place on 16-17 March 2018 at Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol.

February 20 2018 0Comment

Luna Rosa’s new family theater show “Κρατάς Μυστικό?”

In behalf of our dedication in supporting our community and culture we are happy to present the new family theater show by the Luna Rosa theater company “Κρατάς μυστικό?” for which we are one of the sponsors. A.P. Scaffolding Solutions will provide the scaffolding for the stage construction of the performance.

January 18 2018 0Comment

20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Scaffolding Solutions contributes again to the community and sports with its participation and sponsoring of the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon, which will take place on the 4th of March 2018 at Pafos.

January 17 2018 0Comment

Jobs – Truck Driver

Λόγο αύξησης του κύκλου εργασιών η εταιρεία μας ζητά να εργοδοτήσει προσωπικό στη θέση: Οδηγός Φορτηγού

January 17 2018 0Comment

Jobs – Scaffolders

Λόγο αύξησης του κύκλου εργασιών η εταιρεία μας ζητά να εργοδοτήσει προσωπικό δια Ανέγερση και Αποσυναρμολόγηση Ικριωμάτων (σκαλωσιών)

December 22 2017 0Comment

Closing Celebration, Pafos 2017

The end of 2017 marks not only the end of a significant and festive journey for Pafos, but also the beginning of a new one. The European Capital of Culture celebrates everything the city has accomplished, transforming it and making its people proud.